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What is beensortd?

beensortd is an innovative job hire platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and temperament testing technology to filter candidates and find the best possible applicant for a role.

We also handle all the mind-numbing tasks of the hiring process. From writing and posting a job ad to completing reference checks. All you’re left to do is hire one of our recommended candidates.


Find the perfect hire in 4 simple steps

Below you’ll find a breakdown of our process. Ready to get your first job ad posted let out super-smart technology find you a rockstar employee? Click the below and we’ll start working our magic.

Tell us about the role you want filled

We write a killer job ad and post it 10+ platforms for maximum exposure

We’ll invite each candidate to our genius artificial intelligence platform

You choose the best people to interview from our top candidates

We’ve got a super-simple form we’ll get you to fill out. Won’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete. Tell us about the role and the talent you’re searching for.

We’re experts at writing brilliant jobs ads that create excitement about your role for prospective candidates. Once our job ads hits the internet you’ll be stunned by the volume of top applicants vying for the position.

As candidates log into our platform, we’ll screen each applicant and run every one through our breakthrough temperament assessment to see exactly who’s the ‘cream of the crop’. You can login into this portal at any time.

Once we’ve locked onto the best candidates for the role, it’s your time to shine. You’ll choose the best people to interview for the job. We’ll even give you a list of proven interview questions to ask.

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